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Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the way this team is made up. there's no intimidation factor eye heard you stalking earlier about joe saunders, how he's in the tipping his hand. i think it's probably sawn ders if they lose this game. he pitched that wild card game. he's on his normal rest. who knows what buck's thinking. the yankees certainly don't. >> reporter: this club is loose. they're not going to back down. they feel this is a pivotal game. >> we don't know what will happen. list tonight experts. though don't know what will happen either. that's the fun part. maybe jim thome goes deep. who knows. we don't know. talking about the starting pitchers. they could be gone by the 3rd inning. >> we'll have it all live at 11:00. excitement in the clubhouse. >> pick out a star. who will be the star? >> jim thome. go get it. >> game three tonight. 7:37. we'll see you then. christian schaffer, jamie costello, in the bronx. >>> orioles fever sweeping the city. >> a pep rally right here in charm city let out a clear they could hear -- cheer they could hear all the way to the bronx. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-b
Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. they should be mentally ready to go. it's another day, another game. joe saunders. i spent the day talking to orioles fans. there will lab will the more orioles fans. you heard the o during the national anthem and will certainly hear it tonight. despite what happened, they are confident the orioles can come out on top. after a punch in the gut, at least there's still a game four. it's a division series that has divided this family. he's an orioles fan. she's a yankees fan. >> one side of the couch various the other side of the couch. >> reporter: after the home run -- >> then the tv was shut off. >> continue to push forward. >> we're definitely going to have a game tomorrow. >> last night we were saying you don't know what you'll see. two pitches to win the game for the yankees, but, still, there's nothing that will stop the orioles. they're ready to go. >> orioles are coming in with the same lineup. jim thome. he was asked did you seat highlights. well, my wife is on this trip. unless it's on the food network, probably didn't see it. >> he's seen this enough. >> mentally tough. hopefully
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2